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3D printing offering new possibilities for scientist

February 16, 2018

3D printing seems to go every length, every corner to expand its wings of innovation and exclusiveness. The expeditiously growing market of 3D printers and printing technique, the advances it is offering is winning hearts all over. With different kinds of software friendly filaments easily available to add versatilities to design and structure are making every industry fall for it. When 3D printing is becoming a rage, how scientists could keep themselves untouched from its effect. Indeed the promising features and usefulness it is bestowed with makes it an ideal pick to fabricate new products.

Contributions in the field of science

It works on the principle and with the intention of enabling as basic as restoration of damaged parts of certain machinery and as advance as helping a disabled get back their body parts and organs. Needless to mention such innovations and convenience it provides can prove to be highly skilful in the field of science. The power of customisation this 3D printing technology rests in the hands of the creator is both magical and dominant. Scientist is granted potential to create minutest to biggest structures of long-lost species and other outer space models and prototypes.

Here are some of the advantages of this technology makes in the field of science:

Helpful in creating skin tissues: Prosthetics seems to be have gotten a newly found identity and definition to itself. Despite of various plastic surgery advances, it used to fail on the ground of effectiveness and liveliness. Until when 3D printing brought a ray of hope in the form of creating skin tissues using life cells combined with other supporting crafted filaments. This technology has taken the level of excellence and effectiveness to another level. Unlike plastic surgery, creating skin tissues using 3D printers has come as one of the most effective ways of healing and growing new skin cells and tissues around injury and wounds.

Newly crafted skull: Accidents are uncertain; however, some cause less and other cause huge damages. One of the major crises that have been identified leads to skull damaging. Varied studies are conducted to identify ways to fix it. During all studies, 3D printer came as a life saviour as using this technology, scientist begun to create a skull. These skulls have certain gaps and holes in it, which help in stimulating the sprouting process of new bones and cells.

Fossils revisited: This is one exciting and research enhancing advancement science may come to experience. Various scientific and animal studies display library and museums have larger than life structures of extinct species. Although they are created with great precision, however, are both times consuming and are easily breakable. Thus, it was identified as an expensive yet non-reliable way of creating structures. Until one day, 3D printing came into existence and made the entire procedure of creating these structures easy and with greater strength.

Create laboratory tools: This newly found usage of 3D printers in the field of science is majorly towards the idea of saving money and time rather saving some lives. This is because using this technology; scientists could create themselves a new set of tools anytime with effectively incorporating supportive filaments. 

Newly developed hearing aid: This has been one of the most helpful and innovative inventions, scientists have come up with. Instead of relying on hearing aids machines and devices, they are successfully replaced by artificial ears. These ears are prototype created with living cells filament using 3D printing technology. After creating them, they are kept in a growing formulation to instil life in it and after a couple of days, defected ears are replaced with the new ones.

Helpful in solving arteries blockages: There is a sign of relief for those who suffer from liver or kidney dysfunctional ailments. What has been identified to be causing all the suffering is that it hinders the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients in order to enable smooth functioning. A team of doctors and scientists has started working together in the same direction, where they use glucose filament to create a proper channel of arteries. Further, they are placed along with living cells, as a result, the flow of oxygen and nutrients is accelerated.

This technology is fast gaining a lot of popularity among industry experts and creative people who are using it and putting it to better use. The accuracy of the technology has brought about a remarkable change in several sectors and helped in reducing time and effort and increasing accuracy.