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Should You Buy 3D Printer or Use 3D Printing Services?

April 11, 2017

The emergence of technology has also introduced the concept of 3D printing which is completely revolutionising the world. Development of 3D printing is constantly bringing innovation with seemingly limitless potential for growth. In manufacturing industry 3D printing is reducing cost, increasing efficiency and spurring innovation. People want convenience in almost everything. The trend of getting more, faster and for less is affecting all industries. 3D printing is also affected by such trend. Cost versus convenience is the trademark of our generation. People agree to pay little bit money to get something done a lot faster.

In history organisations with the large budget have the opportunity to enjoy 3D printing, but now you can enjoy 3D printing at home because the technology has brought affordable, easy to use, consumer grade models of the 3D printer to the market. Here is the list of compelling reasons which can definitely influence you to buy a 3D printer instead of using a 3D printing service.

Saves Money

The 3D printer is the expensive product of technology. If you are planning to buy a 3D printer, then it can cost you thousands of dollars which is much more than making the use of best and economical 3D printing service. If you have decided to buy it from a bigger brand, then it would cost you a lot more. Although it is expensive but you should have to buy a 3D printer instead of making the use of 3D printing service  because the 3D printer has the ability to pay for itself by printing things which you might ordinarily buy. The 3D printer has made it possible to print everything from the case of a smartphone to holders of paper towel. 3D printer not only reduces household expenses but it also play a significant role in making your home customize. You can print everyday objects. The 3D printer can extend the life of furniture and appliances by creating spare parts and provide you hassle free personalized replacement alternative.

Additional cost, other machinery or special tools are not required for printing a 3D object. You can create as many items as you want with minimum effort. Making things at home through a 3D printer will not only save purchasing cost of an item, but it would also save the transportation cost, time involved in shopping trips.

Source of Income

Buy a 3D printer if you want to make extra money for you. The 3D printer can supply you a steady stream of income .Develop your printing skills gain, experience by enrolling in an online printing service and start printing product.Purchasing a 3D printer can give you a chance to create and sell the design or products you. By gaining hands-on experience in 3D printing, you would also be able to start teaching 3D printing classes. Expensive 3D printers produce high-quality items, affordable and cheap printers are also available, but these are not consistent in creating high-quality items. Time,effort and cost are some important considerations for making profits by selling customized 3D items. You can save time and cost in case of acquiring a 3D printing service, but it would not be a source of income for you.

3D Printer can help you to educate your children

3D printers are adding a new dimension to learning and education sector of the economy. It has made the learning experience interesting and enjoyable. You can print a lot of appealing items which can make learning experience fun for students. You can print the educational models to illustrate concepts such as scientific models of atoms, cells or planets, etc.In order to   build the problem-solving skill among students, you can also print the puzzles, and other tools as well. Through 3D printing, you can enhance the knowledge and creativity of students. Students of a higher grade can also design their own items with innovative ideas. 3D printing empowers students to grasp the abstract concepts. 3D printing stimulates the curiosity and inspires the additional learning experience.

3D printing is Fun to play

Other than offering financial benefits, 3D printing can be your hobby. You can print the artwork and various objects for fun. 3D printers give a chance to the user to design their own unique items and display them in front of friends and family. The 3D printer is not a toy it is a serious tool which you can use to make fun around you. If 3D printing is your hobby, then take some time to learn about 3D technology and enjoy the experience. As a beginner, you should have to learn some basic concepts of 3D printing and find numerous uses of this technology.


3D printing is the technology of future. The continuous evolution of 3D printing indicate that in near future doctors would be printing the replacement organs, manufacturers and builders will make the use of the 3D printer in their field. It can be expected that the personal and commercial use of 3D printer will transform each and every part of the world.

To buy a 3D printer, one much do a thorough research on the cost, effectiveness, ease of use, accuracy, and much more and then decide the type of printer which will best suit their needs. The 3D printers are also available in different sizes and you should choose the best ones for your requirements.