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Laser Marking

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Looking for a laser marking service that doesn’t end up like a kindergartener’s artwork? Infinity 3D Printing throws its arms wide open to industries and people who are demanding for a flawless and professional laser mark! In contrast to laser engraving, laser marking has equally brilliant effects but, only onto the external layer of an object. Extremely tiny indentations as compact as 0.012 mm in width are made onto the surface in order to alter its contrast and reflectivity before revealing a splendid print. Fiber laser are the optimum key to creating a clean and clear print with no sign of tardiness. The incorporation of our competency and the powerful technology of fiber laser has never failed to fabricate the most intricate designs. We are based in Melbourne so, don’t hesitate to approach anytime you’d like.

Fiber laser marking is the newest generation of technology that features a more convenient and hassle-free marking process in our service. The fiber laser itself is capable of carrying out an extensive range of functions such as annealing, carbon migration, foam marking, coloration marking, which allows us to perform metal laser marking and barcode laser marking in the speediest way. These hybrid lasers work well on an array of materials ; metal, plastics, you name it, anything is doable with our help! The best part about fiber laser marking is the fact that the properties of the materials’ surface are manipulated to create a permanent print with an unlimited lifespan. They are highly sustainable against temperature, water, and any other form of wear and tear. When it comes to cost effective and skillful laser marking, we are the best option. In our service, we can guarantee the finest quality and our service serves as a heaven for industrialists out there.

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We truly anticipate with your decision of having us as your experts because we know that you would not regret it. Need our assistance? What are you waiting for? Contact us at sales@infinity3dprinting.com and hang tight for 1 - 2 business days, we will get right away with business.