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3D Printing

Infinity 3D Printing utilise our in-house 3D Printers to help many customers to print small volume of prototype or production run for your parts in a very low cost method.

3D Modelling

We can help you to bring your idea to live even just with a sketch. Our engineers can draft very detailed drawing and most importantly is to produce parts that can be 3D printed with the most cost effective way.

Laser Marking

We have also invest in a new state of art laser marking machine which can create an unique products in the metal and plastic marking industry. Providing an industrial solution for product identification and traceability, it can allow customers to mark serial numbers, bar codes, 2D Data Matrix and artworks.

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Whether your task is to design small components or large scale models, we truly believe our services can transform your ideas into high quality product in timely manner.

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